Dharmaram Journals

Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram regularly publishes four journals (two quarteralies and two biannuals) in order to promote serious academic pursuit and scientific research. These journals offer a forum to bring together scholars from across the world to engage in intellectual dialogue and common search.  

Managing Editor: Dr. Geo Pallikunnel, CMI
Email: pallikunnelcmi at hotmail dot com

  1. Journal of Dharma: Dharmaram Journal of Religions and Philosophies
Journal of Dharma, the Dharmaram Quarterly Journal of Religions and Philosophies was founded in 1975. This is an earnest attempt on the part of DVK to bring together scholars from all over the world and from across diverse cultures and traditions to seriously deliberate upon issues pertaining to religions and philosophies. Apart from serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding approaches and methods towards religious and philosophical quests of humanity, this quarterly journal encourages research in interreligious studies and dialogue.  

Chief Editor: Dr. Jose Nandhikkara, CMI
Email: nandhikkara@dvk.in  

2. Asian Horizons: Dharmaram Journal of Theology
Asia, with its wider horizon, has a noble vision to offer to the world towards its integral growth and interdependent development in the third millennium. The world is looking to Asia for enlightenment and harmony of life. Asian Horizons is a forum for genuine investigation of and reflection on the Jesudharma in the Asian context marked by economic poverty, cultural diversity, and religious plurality, in order to discern the way towards the glory of God and to the flourishing of humanity on earth.

Chief Editor: Dr. Shaji George Kochuthara, CMI
Email: kochuthshaji at gmail dot com  

 3. Vinayasadhana: Dharmaram Journal of Psycho-Spiritual Formation
On the basis of advancements and breakthroughs in various fields of human knowledge, periodical updating of the methods of formation employed in seminaries and religious formation is considered sine qua non. Opening new vistas, this biannual publication is an essential reader for those in the field of formation. With a dream to facilitate the emergence of mature and integrated priests and religious, Vinayasādhana opens a forum for genuine investigation of and reflection on the ‘Christ Formation’ in Christian seminaries and other houses of formation marked by socio-cultural diversity, which in turn will facilitate the emergence of persons fully human and fully alive capable of living the kingdom values giving glory of God.

Chief Editor: Dr. Thomas Parayil, CMI
Email: thomasparayil04 at yahoo dot co dot in  

Iustitia aims at contributing towards the enhancement and deepening of the knowledge of ecclesiastical laws contained in the Codes of Canon Law, especially the CCEO, and the Particular Laws of various Churches sui iuris and to make it accessible to scholars and experts, as well as the wider public and the practitioners of canon law in various fields of theoretical research and practical administration. Iustitia also aims at highlighting the church related civil laws of the place. Promotion of quality scientific research and comparative studies between CIC and CCEO as well as between Church laws and civil laws come within the scope of this journal. The journal will also make accessible to the public important current documents of the Church, both universal and individual Churches sui iuris. We also intend to familiarize the readers with the ongoing significant researches and publications within the target field through book reviews.

Chief Editor: Dr. Cherian Thunduparampil, CMI
Email: cherianthunduparampil at hotmail dot com  

 5. Herald of the East: Dharmaram Jurnal of Chavara Studies
Herald of the East is biannual journal to promote multifaceted studies and research on the life,vision and mission,, and contributions of Kuriakose Elias Chavara , one of the founders of the CMI Congregation , the first indigenous religious congregation in India; he was a man of transformative vision and determined action who strived his best to tranform the Christian community and the society at large, especially in the nineteenth century Kerala. His contributions in the area of ecclesiastical as well as public education , especially his visionary intervention to begin a seminary attached to the monastery and schools attached to Christian worship places was path-breaking. Started in 1985, Herald of the East was an initiative of the CMI congregation, the publication of which is undertaken by DVK from 2014 onwards. This journal attempts to disseminate the vision of Sait Kuriakose Elias Chavara through scientific studies as well as entries with socio-pastoral focus. <

Chief Editor: Dr. Benny Thettayil, CMI
Associate Editor: Fr. Benny Nalkara CMI
Email: heraldoftheeast at gmail dot come  

6. Endowment Lecture Series:
Dharma Endowment Lectures of the Faculty of Philosophy and Bishop Jonas Thaliath Endowment Lectures of the Faculty of Theology are published annually.
7. Dharmaram Publications (DP)
brings out books dealing with theological, Scriptural, and Philosophical topics in Christian as well as other traditions.www.dharmarampublications.com