Name  : Aykara Thomas Anicetus, CMI

Email   : aykarathomas at gmail dot com

Phone  : 08041116200

About Me

Institute/Faculty Faculty of Philosophy
AddressDharmaram College,
Bangalore, 560029

Academic Qualification

Post-Graduateand Doctoral Studies

1970: PhD inPhilosophy, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Thesis:

1975: D. Theology, University of Oxford, U. K. Thesis:

Year: L. Ph.Pontifical Atheneum, Pune, India Thesis:

Year: L. Th.Pontifical Atheneum, Pune, India Thesis:



B Ph, B Th. Year, University,

Year: LanguageCourses in Latin, Syriac and English (3 Years), University

Teaching Experienc

1990-Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

1990-CRI Brothers’ Theology Institute, Bangalore

1990-Darsana Insititute of Philosophy, Wardha, India

1998-2002:Professor, University of Angelicum, Rome

1990-1997:Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

1984-1985:Darsana Insititute of Philosophy, Wardha, India

1978-1987:Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

1975-1978:Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

1973-1974:Tutor, University of Oxford, England

1970-1975:Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

1965-1967:Faculty of Philosophy, DVK, Bangalore

Courses Taught

1.Undergraduate Level


Philosophyof Knowledge

Philosophyof Man

AdvancedCourses in Contemporary Philosophy

Textsof Aristotle

Textsof St. Thomas

Historyof Philosophy, Ancient and Medieval

Introductionto Eccl. Studies

Introductionto Theology

Theologyof Man

Theologyof the World



Textsof Edmund Husserl

Textsof Teilhard de Chardin


2.Licentiate and Post-Graduate Levels

Please mention CoursesTaught-------- P. G. Courses for M. Ph., and M. Th.


Academic Responsibilities

1978-1984: PriorGeneral of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), and Vice-Chancellor ofDharmaram Vidya Kshetram

1984-1987: Provincial,St. Joseph’s Province, Kottayam

1991-1997: President,DVK

1987-1990: ManagingEditor, Deepika, the oldest of Dailyof Kerala

1989-2001: Chairmanand Director, Rashtra Deepika Company Ltd.

1975-1978: Director,Centre for the Study of World Religions, (CSWR), Bangalore, India

1978-1983: NationalPresident, Conference of Religious India (CRI)

1978-1982: StatePresident, Kerala Conference of Major Superiors (KCMS, CRI)

1984-1987: FounderPresident, SMRC, Syro-Malabar religious conference

Year : Director,Diploma Course in Theology at DVK

1988-1990: Member,National Governing Body, Indian Newspaper Society (INS)

1991-1997: Member,International Federation of Catholic University (1991-97).


Research Articles

[1978] “Meetingof Religions,” (ed.) Dharmaram Publications, Centre for Indian andInter-Religious Studies, Rome, 1978.

[1986] “LivingFlame” St. Joseph’s Press, Mannanam, 1986.

“TheologizingVersus Living” Unique and Universal, ed. by Dr. Chethimattam, DharmaramPublications, Bangalore, 1972.

“PhenomenologyYesterday and Today”, in Darsanam, Ed. by Dr. Nambiaparambil, Janatha Books,Thevara, 1970.

“Prophetic Roleof Religious Life Today” in Samarpitha, 1981.

Phenomenologyof the Social World,

CosmicConsciousness: A Comparative Study on Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo,1992.

Mission of theChurch in India Today: Challenges and Chances

“Inculturationand Formation”: Dominican Ashram, Dec. 1993.

Several other shortarticles and papers published in vernacular.

Presented anumber of papers at National and International Conferences.

Missiology forthe Third Millenium, 1994.