Staff Publications

Word for All Seasons : Prof. Dr. Sebastian Mullooparampil CMI
Reflections on Bible Passages
Process Religion and Society : Dr. Kurian Kachappilly CMI
Revisiting Vatican II : Dr. Shaji George Kochuthara CMI
A 3 Volume Work reflecting on 50 years of Renewal after Vatican II
Mixed Marriage : Dr. Sebastian Payyappilly CMI
Mixed Marriage in the Code of Canon of the Eastern Churches and the Particular Law of the Syro-Malabar Church. Dharmaram Canon Law Study Series - 9
Rightful Autonomy of Religious Institutes : Prof. Dr. Varghese Koluthara CMI
A Comparative Study based on the Code of Canons of the Oriental Churches and the Code of Canon Law
Thiruvachanavediyil : Prof. Dr. Joy Philip Kakkanattu CMI
Delhi: Media House, 2011
God’s Enduring Love in the Book of Hosea. ASynchronic and Dachronic Analysis of Hosea 11,1-11 : Prof. Dr. Joy Philip Kakkanattu CMI
Forschungen zum AltenTestament 2.Reihe 14; Mohr Siebeck, Tubingen 2006
Creative Catechesis: A Creative and Psychosocial Approach to Faith Formation: A Source Book for Today’s Catechesis : Prof. Dr. Chittilappilly Anto Amarnad, CMI
{ISBN: 81-86861-25-4} Dharmaram Publication, Bangalore. 2000.
Third Instance Tribunal Cases : Dr. Benny Tharakkunnel CMI
Third Instance Tribunal Cases and the Competence of the Syro-Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Ordinary Tribunal - Dharmaram Canonical Studies - 18
Jesus in the Temple: A Redaction Critical Study of Mt 21:12-17
Mullooparambil, S., Pontificia Studiorum Universitas A.S. Thoma St Thomas Acquinas University Rome Aq. in Urbe, Rome, 2005, doctoral dissertation.
Messianic Rejection and Matthean Redaction: A Study of the Temple Cleansing in Mt 21:12-17
Mullooparambil, S., Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2007.
The Word of God and Biblical Personalities
Mullooparambil, S., (ed), Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2009.
Macro Structure of Matthew's Gospel,
Mullooparambil, S., Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2011.
Thiruvachanam Thirunalukalil
Mullooparambl, S., (ed), Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2012.
Vachana Spandanam
Mullooparambl, S., Dharmaram Publications, Bangalore 2016.
S. Mullooparambil, Globalization, Jeevadhara 37 (2007) 108-120.
S. Mullooparambil, Call and Challenge of St Peter, Jeevadhara 38 (2008) 126-140.
S. Mullooparambil, Saving Word in Second Isaiah, in The Word of God and Biblical Personalities, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2009.
S. Mullooparambil, Ten Commandments for a Good Family Life in Pauline Perspective, Jeevadhara 39 (2009) 147-160.
S. Mullooparambil, The Flight of Jonah and the Might of Yahweh: Word as Sword in the Book of Jonah, in The Word of God and Biblical Personalities, Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2009.
S. Mullooparambil, Reflections on Maundy Thursday, in Holy Week Reflections, ed. M. Manickathazhe, Calicut: Chavara Publications, 2009.
S. Mullooparambil, Priesthood in the Letter to the Hebrews, Jeevadhara 40 (2010) 122-131.
S. Mullooparambil, Christ Centred and Word Based Formation, in The Way of Life (Kottayam: Denha Services 2011) 431-443.
S. Mullooparambil, History in the Synoptics, Jeevadhara 41 (2011) 120-136.
S. Mullooparambil, Core Values in the Sermon on the Mount, Indian Journal of Spirituality 25 (2012) 22-36.
S. Mullooparambil, Message and Witness of John the Baptist, Jeevadhara 42 (2012) 138-148.
S. Mullooparambil, The Faith Journey of Mary, Jeevadhara 43 (2013) 153-162.
S. Mullooparambil, The Universality of the Gospel, Jeevadhara 44 (2014) 49-55.
S. Mullooparambil, I Long to See: A Chavara Style for God-Experience, Karmela Kusumam 112 (2014) 98-99.
S. Mullooparambil, Divine Confluence, in The Life and Legacy of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, ed J. Mannnarathara (Bangalore: Viva Books 2015) 225-229.
S. Mullooparambil, St John the Baptist: A Light for the Religious, Jeevadhara 45 (2015) 42-53.
S. Mullooparambil, Compassion in the Gospels, Jeevadhara 46 (2016) 13-33.
S. Mullooparambil, Jubilee Year: Eschatological Dimensions and Ethical Demands, in Smruti: A Journey through the Life of Jubilerians (Bangalore: Matha Publishers 2017) 42-53.
S. Mullooparambil, God Experience of Bl Chavara, in The Lord of Heaven and Earth, ed. P. Kalluveettil (Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 1990) 260-266.
S. Mullooparambil, The Revolutionary Vision of St Paul, Jeevadhara 21 (1991) 126-140.
S. Mullooparambil, Mystical Experience of Chavara, in The Spirituality of Chavara, ed. J.R. Pattassery (Mannanam: St Josephs Press, 1992) 35-43.
S. Mullooparambil, Jesus Liberative Approach to Jewish Law and Religion, Journal of Dharma 32 (2007) 257-274.
Mysticism without Bounds,
Kachappilly, Kurian, ed. New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2015 [ISBN: 978-93-5148-064-8]
Mystic Musings in World Religions
Kachappilly, Kurian, ed., New Delhi: Christian World Imprints, 2013 [ISBN: 978-81-925121-8-1]

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